Ride With The Old Pros 20100201

Wow. What a nice treat. After several weeks of less than stellar conditions, today’s weather meant riding without getting soaked. And it worked out pretty darn well.

We met at the usual time and place, 9am at the Flying Goat in Santa Rosa. When I pulled up, it was a few minutes after 9. I can’t seem to help it, but I have been arriving fashionably late for most of these rides. Oh well… Those of you who are a parent can probably relate to the challenge of getting your young one out of bed, changed into a new diaper and into some play clothes. I am just glad that I get a chance to ride. Jennifer does great to take over on morning mom duty so that daddy can go play! (Thanks, honey!)

Anyway, by the time I got there, Susan, Jo Ann and Brian were already there, chatting amongst themselves. Once I got there, all that was left to do was figure out where to go. As so many have before us, we made the decision to head west and within moments our tires were rolling westward along the path. We quickly settled into a nice tempo that propelled our quartet out of the city limit and soon we were on the dirt section of path. The recent rain had soaked this path of gravel and dirt to the limit, however the surface was remained very passable. Brian and I have long wished that bit of path would continue all the way to the Pacific. Instead, it rather unceremoniously ends at Willowside Road, where we turned right.

At that point, the massing of gray clouds began to let loose some sprinkles and the threat of real rain loomed large. I don’t think any of our small group gave the smallest consideration to turning for home. And that turned out to be the correct decision, for after just a few minutes of the falling wet stuff, the heavy clouds reneged on their threat and floated elsewhere.

Except for puddles and damp roads, the rest of our ride was dry. We did head over Martinelli Rd and went back through Forrestville, where we saw G-Wes out with his dog. Then it was back through Graton and home on Occidental and Hall Roads. We engaged in something of a city limit sprint, but it included low gears, braking and a comedic bike thrust. Brian emerged victorious.

Let’s hope we get to do it again next week and hope to see y’all there

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