Ride With The Old Pros 20100104

So, do you ever wake up on the morning of a ride, just TOTALLY ready to ride, ready to rip the cranks off the bike from the first push on the pedals? Yeah? Well, this wasn’t one of those days. Coming off a bit of a cold, my body had a few aches and I was hacking up a fair amount of lung butter. I am glad I went out. I met the guys at the Flying Goat Coffee Shop in Santa Rosa at 9 (ok, 9:04…) and got myself the usual – a lukewarm soy latte with sugar. The lukewarm lets me drink it down fast and the soy part makes sure it stays for awhile. TMI? Yeah…
So, one notable absence from this Monday’s ride was John Mason. At the end of last week’s ride, John mentioned that he wouldn’t be on the ride for the next several weeks because he was going to be in Sumatra. I half thought he was joking. Given the cold and damp on that ride, I thought he just picked some random warm spot on the planet to tell he was going. Turns out he was serious and really was going to Sumatra. Check out this article in the Press Democrat. John and his wife, Chris, keep themselves quite busy in the winter months doing some very kind and generous deeds.
If you are interested in learning more about John and Chris, their Emtu Winery or the Labyrinth Foundation, then click on the following link to get to their new site:
So, back to Monday… After I slammed my lukewarm soy latte with sugar, the boys were ready head out. Twas a brisk Westside loop. We kept a good steady tempo and knocked it out pretty good. Not too fast and not too slow. No chance of overheating, as the temps started in the low 40′s and barely tipped into the 50′s by rides end. I sure do love my Garneau gloves.
Would have been uneventful, were it not for the double puncture that my bike endured on Mendocino Avenue, right in front of Kaiser. Well, at least we were close to home. I got to test out my new favorite pump, that Genuine Innovations 2nd Wind that I discussed last week. I am really impressed with how well it works as a pump. I still haven’t replaced my CO2 cartridges that I dispensed from other recent flats. Hmmm, threadbare tires and no CO2 cartridges… perhaps I should make a little time to take care of my own bike next time I am at the shop. I’ll make sure my bike is rolling well and I am properly stocked before next week’s ride. Until next week…

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