Ride With The Old Pros 20091228

Despite the absence of several of our regular Monday morning crew, today’s ride proved to be a pretty good ride. We had a little rain, some mud, a couple of short yet steep climbs, one flat tire, a good first time experience with my new Genuine Innovations pump and for a couple of us, a second ride, another flat and a really good second time experience with my new Genuine Innovations pump.

My buddy Mark showed up at my house around 8:30. He and his wife Sara are here from New York for a few days and they are borrowing bikes from the shop so that they can ride a bit while here. He and I rolled from the house around 8:50 and showed up fashionably late for the 9 o’clock ride. Brian, John and Matt were already there. We chatted, drank some coffee and warmed ourselves in preparation for a slightly late departure into the last cold and damp Monday morning ride of the year. Thankfully, the threatening skies failed to deliver full fury on their precipitous potential, choosing instead to deliver unto us only meted doses of randomly intermittent showers.

We headed west for the lumpy topography that lay in wait just beyond Forrestville. There are numerous short and steep pitches in the area that extends between Mirabel and Hacienda. Due to time constraints and looming skies, we chose to only do a couple of these little canyons. A nicer day in the future and I am sure we’ll continue to explore in these directions.

Moving on to the pump. I swear by these things. I am so glad I got one and think you should get one, too! It’s the Genuine Innovations 2nd Wind Road Pump. This is a combination CO2 inflator and pump. Today, I got a front puncture. Using the pump, I was able to slightly inflate the tube. Then, using the CO2 cartridge, I was able to quickly inflate the tire and not keep the group waiting. The whole stop was less than a few minutes.

Later, Mark and I rode with my wife, Jennifer, and his wife, Sara.. In less then a mile, Jennifer got a flat. Well, I was out of CO2. So I got to really test the pump. This Genuine Innovations 2nd Wind Road Pump ROCKED! The handle end of the pump is threaded, so that you can use a cartridge (either new or dispensed) to extend the handle, making it very easy to hold onto. It is a really well thought out product. To put it quite simply, this pump really works – quickly and easily.

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