Just a bike ride

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride. It wasn’t hard, per se, but it wasn’t easy. Covering a total of 26 miles, it wasn’t exactly a marathon, in bicycle distance. It wasn’t hot or cold. It was just a bike ride. And I can tell you this, it was so nice to get out.

I’ve been cooked since the fondo. I think I dug a pretty deep hole for myself at last Saturday’s big event. I know all about the importance of active recovery, but sometimes you just have to take a few days off. I did. And I’m glad I did. The legs still don’t feel 100%, but by yesterday, most of the residual muscle soreness and tightness had gone. It was almost a surprise, but the pedaling action was nearly circular and smooth.

There was another nice surprise on the ride yesterday. I ran into Jess, a former customer from the West County Revolution Bike Shop. In my (recent) former life as merchant and purveyor of all things bike, running into customers on the open road was an interesting thing for me, psychologically speaking. I was always acutely aware that my livelihood depended on being able to sell things. The ABS and ABC of business was perpetual. Always be selling and always be closing, words to live and die by for those who have stores.

I’ve kept something of a low profile since the shop has closed. Sometimes it is hard answering the “what happened?” question. Sometimes it’s hard just wondering if people are going to ask.

But, yesterday was different. I ran into Jess on Hall Road. He and I had ridden together before, back when the shop was open. He’d come out to many of the shop rides. He is a strong rider who isn’t afraid to work hard on the bike. In fact, he is pretty fast and even won a couple of the shop sponsored hill climb time trial.

And so, yesterday, what made riding with Jess so nice was that I was no longer a merchant, salesman or purveyor. We were just a couple of cyclists riding bikes and catching up. We weren’t going too fast and we weren’t going too slow. It was a nice bike ride and I look forward to more nice bike rides.

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